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Britains Passion Flower chatting to Britains Joyous Occasion (black Section B), with Trinityhouse Phoenix (foal) and Trinityhouse Seahawk looking on.


Trinity House Farm spotties are based in East Yorkshire, within the sight, sound, and smell of the North Sea!


We have three Knabstruppers and a small band of spotted ponies, some of which are occasionally for sale:

Georgie EVRC Show.jpg

Weatheroak Georgina

PB Welsh, Overstamped BSpPS and KNN Graded

126cm British Spotted Pony mare


Trinityhouse Tangerine Dream 2017 UK KNN

Trinityhouse Tangerine Dream

KNN 2897 Knabstrupper

142cm  Knabstrupper Pony Mare


Solomon Aug 2015.jpg

Weatheroak Manor King Solomon

PB Welsh Overstamped BSpPS

13.2hh British Spotted Pony 


Trinityhouse Top Draw 25th May 2019.jpg

Trinityhouse Top Draw

KNN  Knabstrupper

153cm  Knabstrupper Pony Mare


Britains Joyous Occasion 310514.jpg

Britains Joyous Occasion

Welsh Sec B 

126cm Welsh Section B Mare