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Trinityhouse Foals

2024 Foals Due

We just have the one foal due in 2024 - Orchid (Britains Bird of Paradise) to Jason.

This will be the first of this cross, so it is a really exciting time for us at THS.  This foal will be 14-14.2hh at maturity so a rarity in the spotted pony world!

 Please enquire to register your interest in this foal

Orchid Offside 310521 Passport Pic_edited.jpg

Foaled 12/04/24

Bay based 
with Lp characteristics

to make 14.2hh
 Norgaards Jason
       Britains Bird of Paradise 

Trinityhouse Brilliant Disguise - Arthur

Jason nearside 190422 crop.jpg
Arthur back 14 Apr out.jpg
Arthur front 14 Apr out.jpg
Arthur front 14 Apr.jpg

2023 Foals 

Click on the photos to go to more information on the stallion or mares

We have three mares in foal to Jason for 2023.   Mary blessed us with our first Part Bred Connemara on 28th March 2022- a cracking minimally marked bay colt.  She is once again in foal for 2023, so it will be interesting to see what the full sibling to Taylor will come out like!  After a year off, both Maisie - Trinityhouse Tangerine Dream and Joy - Britains Joyous Occasion are also due to Jason - click on their names to be taken to their pages, - both have produced superb foals by Jason in the past that have gone on to prove trainable when started under saddle.

 Please enquire to register your interest in these foals.

Foaled  10/03/23
Bay based
 near leopard

to make 13.2hh
 Norgaards Jason
       Britains Joyous Occasion 

This stunning filly is FOR SALE    

Norgaards Jason KNN Knabstrupper Stallio

Foaled 21/04/23
Bay near leopard colt
to make 15hh

Norgaards Jason  
Ballyerk Mary

This colt is FOR SALE


Ballyerk Mary 22 April 2021.jpg
Jason Trot Grading.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-04-22 at 14.13.21.jpeg
Norgaards Jason KNN Knabstrupper Stallio

Foaled 27/04/23

Bay leopard colt

to make 14.2hh

Norgaards Jason  
Trinityhouse Tangerine Dream

Trinityhouse Thunder Road - Bruce

Thunder Road 4hr old
Thunder Road just born 19.30
Thunder Road Bruce 27th April

Previous Trinityhouse Spotties Foals

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