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2012 UK KNN Grading - Bishop Burton College

Passion (and Sally), Lilly (and Norman), Delfi and Henry travelled to the KSGB/KNN Grading held at Bishop Burton College, and all behaved superbly. I must say, bathing and plaiting four horses on your own, as well as organising the whole event, is well and truly knackering, and I look back on it all now and wonder how I managed it!

The girls all graded with First Premiums, with Passion gaining Best Mare

Henry went very run up, after being out with his mares all summer, and the judges remarked on his lack of topline. He did however, behave impeccably, and was a superstar in the jumping lane - performing with enthusiasm to gain scores of 7.5 for his technique and 7.5 for his potential - not bad for a pony trained at home over fence poles rested on old spray cans!

I will wait until he is fully matured before presenting him again.

I must thank friends and family who helped out on the day - transporting and helping me prep them all - without you it would not have been possible!

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