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Welcome to the world Trinityhouse Brilliant Disguise – Arthur

Minimally marked colt – will colour out

Foaled 7.25pm 12th April 2024

Norgaards Jason x Britains Bird of Paradise

To make 14-14.2hh

He was up and on the milk bar in record time for a colt, no messing about. Definitely a demanding child, Orchid is doing a sterling job with him.

Sam Hutchinson I think you were closest with your guess - a carbon copy of his mum, just a colt rather than a filly   We obviously used up all our loud spots last year with 3 leopards, so the stats have evened out a bit with Arthur's arrival. The dimmer switch was definitely turned right down, as he hasn't even got as much white - legs or face markings, as either of his parents. Excellent for showing though!

Quite a lot of unfolding to do still - his legs are very long.

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